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Luhui Hu
2 min readJan 21, 2023


I never see myself as a blogger or take it as a (part-time) job. So all my articles are free, but I strive to share extensively, from technology to leadership, from enterprise to startup, and from concepts to insights.

My First Article

I occasionally wrote my first article, Generative AI and Future, during my summer vacation in 2022. I have been in the AI sector for about a decade and have led to shipping many AI platform, algorithm, and model projects. I strongly believed GAI would boom soon when I came up with it in July. I just published it on 7/16/2022 without using any Medium publication. I added to “Towards AI” a few months later.

As I predicted, GAI has become one of the hottest technologies before long. We were mind-blown by Stable Diffusion, text-to-3D, text-to-video, and ChatGPT.

This article has been viewed by over 16K so far.

If you search “Generative AI” on Google, you can find it on the first page of the crowded search results.

My recent articles about GAI are also popular, for example, “Stable Diffusion, DreamFusion, Make-A-Video, Imagen Video, and What’s Next” hit over 14K views and LLaMA-GPT4All: Simplified Local ChatGPT hit over 20K views.

My First Publication

I later figured out how to publish via a publication on Medium. I first submitted “NewSQL, Lakehouse, HTAP, and the Future of Data” to Towards Data Science. Fortunately, my first submission was accepted by TDS. It became another trending post. This triggered me to write something at leisure with my extensive experience and hands-on insights.

I wanted to share a fun story during my first publication. I had no idea how to add subtitles and topics at that time. TDS editors, Ludovic and Ben, were patient enough to teach me back and forth.

What’s the Focus?

With my over-the-year experience from cutting-edge companies (like Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta) to startups, I focus on three areas: Data and AI, Leadership, and Disruptive thinking. I grouped my posts in the lists.

Happy reading! Thanks!

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Written in Seattle on Lunar New Year's Eve 2023.



Luhui Hu

Founder@Aurorain, VC investor. ex-Meta, Microsoft, Amazon. 30+ patents and applications in AI and data